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Clinton Cleme: What Did We Do Before Xbox?

What was that dirty underwear/angle grinder game called again?

Though, maybe some of us wore clean underwear… Eat your heart out, Ryan Gosling.


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Black Friday Meme: If It’s On Sale – Buy It!

Clinton knows how to roll with the Black Friday sales. He saw  the best old suitcase with a broken microscope and stick on dial thingies that he’d ever seen for such an awesome price. What’d he do? Obviously, he bought it!


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ABNY Meme: Rule #34, In Effect

In the same way that not even light can escape a black hole, nothing escapes the vortex of Rule 34, not even us. (hat tip to Clinton).

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Cineplex CineCoup “Indie Film” Program Is A Shameless Scam

Ask me this is kind of a gross scam, taking advantage of the desperation of indie filmmakers in Canada. You have to pay $150 to enter, then do a two minute trailer. Then, if you are selected to the next round you have to do all of the development groundwork, including a crowdfunding campaign and social media marketing campaign. You also have to do all of your own packaging. Then, once you’ve done all the development work for them, 10 projects will get optioned by Cineplex, probably for $1 but most certainly without any commitment to make the movie. And one project will get $1 million and a commitment to be screened in Cineplex theatres (no commitment of how many theatres or for how long – um, Carlton for a weekend, perhaps?). Cineplex will recoup the cost of the contest itself – like the info sessions and the judges fees – through entry fees (both the $15 entry fee to go to the traveling roadshow events and the $150 entry fee to the contest). Of the $1 million Cineplex will be able to write off most, if not all of it, through tax credits and write-offs for marketing expenses.

So, they commit nothing and get perhaps several dozen teams of filmmakers who will market the Cineplex brand for free over a period of several months. Ick. No. Thanks.


$1 million on table in Cineplex-backed indie-film program » Playback.

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Web Developer/Graphic Designer Intern(s) Needed

Can you make our web stuff work?

Hey there

We’re looking to beef up our web presence and need someone to make us look real purdy. To that end we’ve put an ad up on Culture Works for a web designer/graphic artist intern. We’ll also be posting an ad for a social media intern in the coming days. Here’s the text to that ad and a link. If the gig interests you or you know someone who it would interest, drop us a line:


Web Developer/Graphic Designer

Date Posted: Nov 09, 2012
Application Deadline: Nov 23, 2012
Start Date: Nov 30, 2012

Salary: unpaid
City/Town: Toronto
Term: Internship (Volunteer)

Organization Description

Dangerous Dust Productions

We are a newly established, edgy and ambitious film company in downtown Toronto. This past summer we shot our first feature film, a scifi comedy entitled A Brand New You, which is presently in post-production.

Our mandate is specifically to make films that target under-served demographics in Canada, North America and beyond. We want to make movies where real women have strong leading roles and where non-whites play more than taxi drivers and gang members. And we want to do it through cutting edge, gut-splitting comedy. Besides being the right thing to do, we also believe that it makes good business sense for indie filmmakers to target “niche markets” that are generally neglected.

Job Description

We are looking for an enthusiastic and dynamic intern who wants to put their awesome and creative web design/development skills to work for a film company that, like them, is just starting out. We are developing a slate of films and know the value of having a quality home on the web – both for our company and for the films that we are developing – as part of an overall social media strategy.

But while we have big ideas, we don’t have the skills necessary to realize a web strategy on our own. That’s where you come in. You are ambitious and excited to show your stuff as you build your portfolio. Perhaps you just graduated or are looking to strike out on your own as a freelancer. You love film and film marketing – especially the opportunities that exist in the age of web 2.0. – and you have lots of fresh ideas just looking for an opportunity to be applied.

The selected candidate will work out a development plan as part of a social media strategy with the production team and will be fully credited as part of the marketing team across our media properties, including in film credits, on IMDB, etc.


The successful candidate will have an eye for cutting edge design and illustration, as well as a solid knowledge of web design and web platforms. A techno-geek artist hipster, preferably with a knowledge of film and film marketing campaigns.

How to Apply:

Submit your resume by e-mail with links to your portfolio of work.

Contact Info:

Name: Shawn Whitney

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Manu Meme #2: the facial meme

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November 8, 2012 · 11:37 AM

Hey Chica…. Meet the Manu Meme

Hey Chica...

To heck with Ryan Gosling and his faux feminist meme – all sensitive and ready to take action in defence of women. We know the darkness that lurks in the heart of Ryan. We saw Drive. As our own humble contribution to the cause of filmmaking, women’s rights, humour and other noble stuff that we can’t think of right now but that we know it’s important to support, we are disrupting the Ryan Gosling meme with our own series of Brand New You memes. We have the Manu Meme, the Freya Freme, the Clinton Cleme and the Vanessa Veme. We may even throw in some other _emes if we need to. It’s the shock and awe version of memifying goodness. We’re gonna bring the whole Hollywood star machine to its knees!


Feel free to change the caption for our memes, by the way. And, of course, pass it on!

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