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Cineplex CineCoup “Indie Film” Program Is A Shameless Scam

Ask me this is kind of a gross scam, taking advantage of the desperation of indie filmmakers in Canada. You have to pay $150 to enter, then do a two minute trailer. Then, if you are selected to the next round you have to do all of the development groundwork, including a crowdfunding campaign and social media marketing campaign. You also have to do all of your own packaging. Then, once you’ve done all the development work for them, 10 projects will get optioned by Cineplex, probably for $1 but most certainly without any commitment to make the movie. And one project will get $1 million and a commitment to be screened in Cineplex theatres (no commitment of how many theatres or for how long – um, Carlton for a weekend, perhaps?). Cineplex will recoup the cost of the contest itself – like the info sessions and the judges fees – through entry fees (both the $15 entry fee to go to the traveling roadshow events and the $150 entry fee to the contest). Of the $1 million Cineplex will be able to write off most, if not all of it, through tax credits and write-offs for marketing expenses.

So, they commit nothing and get perhaps several dozen teams of filmmakers who will market the Cineplex brand for free over a period of several months. Ick. No. Thanks.


$1 million on table in Cineplex-backed indie-film program ยป Playback.


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